Monday, 6 January 2014

why can't you be both

today i felt a bit space girly.

cardigan and shirt-both h&m, skirt-primark (thIS SKIRT WAS LIKE £1 AND IT IS SO NICE I CANNOT BELIEVE IT) bow (worn in hair)-made out of some lace i had hanging about my room), clip (just seen, worn in middle of bow)- bought at birmingham mcm expo last year
 today i went for a walk in the park and took some bad photos you have been warned.

this goose did not give a fuck

we finished our walk with supreme hot chocolates (to build up fat for when i go into hibernation)

speaking of hibernation, school starts tomorrow and i am seriously considering making like a moomin and sleeping through it.

daily jam: 

this is a song by less than well known band goldfrapp. it's especially touching as it explicitly speaks about the dysphoria experienced by a young trans* person, something that is avoided widely in mainstream music (though goldfrapp can hardly be classed as mainstream). the video is beautiful and made me, half-powered by hormones and half-powered by THE BIT AT THE END WHEN THE KID DANCES IN THE FOREST IN THE SPARKLY DRESS IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL, cry.


  1. incredible photographs x

    1. Eeee thank u! They're all heavily edited tho (oh no the perils of modern technology)